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Oocyte shuttle, a recombinant protein transporting donor DNA into the Xenopus oocyte in situ., Rungger D, Muster L, Georgiev O, Rungger-Brändle E., Biol Open. February 15, 2017; 6 (2): 290-295.        

Simultaneous in vitro characterisation of DNA deaminase function and associated DNA repair pathways., Franchini DM, Incorvaia E, Rangam G, Coker HA, Petersen-Mahrt SK., PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (12): e82097.                

Aging of Xenopus tropicalis eggs leads to deadenylation of a specific set of maternal mRNAs and loss of developmental potential., Kosubek A, Klein-Hitpass L, Rademacher K, Horsthemke B, Ryffel GU., PLoS One. October 22, 2010; 5 (10): e13532.                  

XRCC1 phosphorylation by CK2 is required for its stability and efficient DNA repair., Parsons JL, Dianova II, Finch D, Tait PS, Ström CE, Helleday T, Dianov GL., DNA Repair (Amst). July 1, 2010; 9 (7): 835-41.

NEIL2-initiated, APE-independent repair of oxidized bases in DNA: Evidence for a repair complex in human cells., Das A, Wiederhold L, Leppard JB, Kedar P, Prasad R, Wang H, Boldogh I, Karimi-Busheri F, Weinfeld M, Tomkinson AE, Wilson SH, Mitra S, Hazra TK., DNA Repair (Amst). December 9, 2006; 5 (12): 1439-48.

NARF, an nemo-like kinase (NLK)-associated ring finger protein regulates the ubiquitylation and degradation of T cell factor/lymphoid enhancer factor (TCF/LEF)., Yamada M, Ohnishi J, Ohkawara B, Iemura S, Satoh K, Hyodo-Miura J, Kawachi K, Natsume T, Shibuya H., J Biol Chem. July 28, 2006; 281 (30): 20749-20760.                    

Repair of single-strand DNA interruptions by redundant pathways and its implication in cellular sensitivity to DNA-damaging agents., Ho EL, Satoh MS., Nucleic Acids Res. December 1, 2003; 31 (23): 7032-40.

The DNA ligase III zinc finger stimulates binding to DNA secondary structure and promotes end joining., Taylor RM, Whitehouse CJ, Caldecott KW., Nucleic Acids Res. September 15, 2000; 28 (18): 3558-63.

Analysis of Xwnt-4 in embryos of Xenopus laevis: a Wnt family member expressed in the brain and floor plate., McGrew LL, Otte AP, Moon RT., Development. June 1, 1992; 115 (2): 463-73.              

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