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Gene Symbol: pabpn1

Gene Name: poly(A) binding protein, nuclear 1

Anatomy terms
Keller explant animal cap bone tissue brain diencephalon dorsal pancreatic bud ectoderm egg endomesoderm eye fat body first pancreatic bud floor plate foregut head hindbrain intestine limb liver midbrain neural tube ... [+]
RNA-Seq and EST Transcriptome profiles tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
Gurdon EST 1012070211 1012768140 1012837227
Unigene EST Profile Str.8918 Xl.21871 Xl.55103
RNA-Seq stage profile Data from Owens et al. 2016 Data from Session et al. 2016 Data from Session et al. 2016
GEO data pabpn1.L pabpn1.S
Microarray Data Data from Yanai et al. 2011 Data from Yanai et al. 2011 Data from Yanai et al. 2011
Stage and Tissue Profiles
                    Source: Owens et al. 2016 (tropicalis)
                    Source: Session et al. 2016 (laevis)
          Source: Session et al. 2016 (laevis)
Experimental Regulation (via RNA-seq)

                                                            Source: Ding et al. 2017 (laevis)
Community Submitted ImagesSort by:
Expression Image
unspecified stage
Good quality Poor quality
Expression Image
NF stage 19
Good quality Poor quality
Literature ImagesSort by:
Expression Image
NF stage 13 to NF stage 47
Kim, et al. 2001
Good quality Poor quality