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Gene Symbol: fancd2

Gene Name: FA complementation group D2

Anatomy terms
chordal neural plate cranial neural crest migratory neural crest cell neural plate pre-chordal neural plate testis whole organism
Anatomy stages
NF stage 1 to NF stage 41
RNA-Seq and EST Transcriptome profiles tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
Gurdon EST
Unigene EST Profile Str.33764 Xl.55984
RNA-Seq stage profile Data from Session et al. 2016 Data from Session et al. 2016
GEO data fancd2.L fancd2.S
Stage and Tissue Profiles
No tropicalis data available
                    Source: Session et al. 2016 (laevis)
          Source: Session et al. 2016 (laevis)
Experimental Regulation (via RNA-seq)

                                                            Source: Ding et al. 2017 (laevis)
Literature ImagesSort by:
Expression Image
NF stage 18
Naef, et al. 2018
Good quality Poor quality
Expression Image
NF stage 1 to NF stage 41
Stone, et al. 2007
Good quality Poor quality