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pabpc1l     poly(A) binding protein, cytoplasmic 1-like

Expression Phenotypes
Gene expression phenotype annotations where the gene of interest has been disrupted (manipulated) or is the gene assayed (assayed). Computed annotations are derived from differential expression analysis from Xenbase processed GEO data with the criteria of a TPM >= 1, FDR <= 0.05 and an absolute LogFC >= 2.
Computed annotations: pabpc1l assayed (1 source)
Monarch Ortholog Phenotypes
These phenotypes are associated with this gene with a has phenotype relation via Monarch.
Mouse (10 sources): abnormal female meiosis, abnormal oocyte morphology, abnormal oogenesis, abnormal ovarian follicle morphology, decreased cumulus expansion, decreased oocyte number, decreased ovulation rate, impaired fertilization, increased mean corpuscular hemoglobin, increased secondary ovarian follicle number