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Gene Symbol:

Gene Name:
EPH receptor B1

Xek , Elk-like kinase ( Add synonyms , Nomenclature history )

Gene Function:
receptor tyrosine kinase

Protein Function :
Receptor tyrosine kinase which binds promiscuously transmembrane ephrin-B family ligands residing on adjacent cells, leading to contact-dependent bidirectional signaling into neighboring cells. The sig...[+]

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Xenbase Gene ID XB-GENE-488626 XB-GENE-17332876 XB-GENE-865799
Gene Symbol ephb1 ephb1.L ephb1.S
Chromosome Chr5 chr5L chr5S
Molecules X. tropicalis X. laevis.L X. laevis.S
Genomic Sequence Version 10.0 Version 9.1 Version 9.1
CDS Gene model Gene model
Entrez Gene 493336
mRNA NCBI Nucleotide