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Summary Expression Phenotypes Gene Literature (42) GO Terms (3) Nucleotides (316) Proteins (64) Interactants (327) Wiki

All X.tropicalis X.laevis.L X.laevis.S

Protein sequences for slc7a8 - All

Models (23)

Source Version Model Species
NCBI 10.0 mRNA074818 X.tropicalis
Xenbase 9.2 rna42363 X.laevis.L
Xenbase 9.2 rna19247 X.laevis.S
JGI 9.1 Xelaev18010220m X.laevis.S
JGI 9.1 Xelaev18007025m X.laevis.L
Xenbase 9.1 rna62560 X.tropicalis
JGI 8.0 Xetrov14002385m X.tropicalis
JGI 7.2 Xelaev16010894m X.laevis.L
JGI 7.1 Xetro.A01550.1 X.tropicalis
JGI 7.1 Xetro.A01550.3 X.tropicalis
JGI 7.1 Xetro.A01550.2 X.tropicalis
JGI 6.0 XeXenL6RMv10007887m X.laevis.L
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_kg.C_scaffold_439000007 X.tropicalis
ENSEMBL 4.1 ENSXETP00000031952 X.tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.439.46.1 X.tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.439.47.1 X.tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.439.48.1 X.tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.439.46.1 X.tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.439.47.1 X.tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.439.48.1 X.tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_439000017 X.tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_439000018 X.tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_439000007 X.tropicalis

NCBI Proteins (41)

Accession Species Source
NP_988983 X.tropicalis RefSeq
AAH61338 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
CBG05912 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
CBF97693 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
CBF94173 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
CBF83041 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
CBV00653 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
CBV07693 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
CBV19434 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
CBV11213 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_012813573 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_031752868 X.tropicalis NCBI Protein
F6SN75 X.tropicalis Uniprot GO
AAH46688 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
AAH44971 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
NP_001079655 X.laevis.S RefSeq
NP_001080605 X.laevis.L RefSeq
CBG06051 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
CBG06050 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
CBF97832 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
CBF97831 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
CBF94312 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
CBF94311 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
CBF83348 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
CBF83346 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
CBV00792 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
CBV00791 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
CBV19573 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
CBV19572 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
CBV11352 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
CBV11351 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
CBV07832 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
CBV07831 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018079291 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018079209 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
OCU01235 X.laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018088397 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein
OCT97992 X.laevis.S NCBI Protein

UniProt Proteins (4)

Accession Species Source
Q6P891 (InterPro) X.tropicalis TrEMBL
F6SN75 (InterPro) X.tropicalis Uniprot GO
Q7ZTM3 (InterPro) X.laevis.L TrEMBL
Q7ZWV7 (InterPro) X.laevis.S TrEMBL