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Summary Attributions

Clone Name: cbfa2t2-790 Gene: cbfa2t2.L , cbfa2t2.S Species: Xenopus laevis  
Description: EXRC Clone Number 790. Xenopus laevis core-binding factor, runt domain, alpha subunit 2; translocated to, 2, mRNA. To generate probe for in situ. Clone previously called: IMAGE:4680246


Full length sequence: BC057713 [+]

5' EST: BI444869 [+]


Name: NICHD_XGC_Emb4External Dbs: Unigene laevis cDNA library, Xenopus IMAGE cDNA Library

Description: Cloned unidirectionally. Primer: Oligo dT. Average insert size 2.1 kb. Constructed by Life Technologies. Note: this is a Xenopus Gene Collection library.

Anatomy: whole organismStage: NF stage 31 to NF stage 32
Normalized: NoSubtraction: No

Vector DetailsVector Map

Type: phagemid

5' Restriction Site: NotI

3' Restriction Site: SalI
Expression Image


Whole mount in situ hybridization: Expressed Somites, PN, PD, brain, neural tube and BA.  
Type Size Promoter Linearization Site Description
antisense T7 SalI Full Length. EcoRI and EcoEV can also be used.


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