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achexenopus intestine 

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Pickett MA et al. (2017) Assay

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ache.L laevis NF stage 46 intestine

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  Figure S1) Morpholino-mediated knockdown of AChE protein expression. In sections through the intestine of NF 46 embryos injected with control MO (A), AChE MO (B), AChE MO + wt AChE mRNA (C), or AChE MO + mutAChE mRNA (D), β-catenin (red) outlines membranes of injected (i.e., GFP labeled; green) and uninjected cells. Serial sections from embryos in A-D were immunostained for AChE (red) and images of the boxed regions are shown at higher magnification (E-H). Apical localization of AChE protein (indicated by arrowheads in E-H) is observed in control MO injected cells (E), but is missing in AChE MO injected epithelium (F). AChE staining is rescued by co-injection with either wt AChE mRNA (G) or mutAChE mRNA (H). Scale bars = 100 μm (A-D); 25 μm (E-H).