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aldh1a2xenopus vegetal part, early involuting 

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Cartry J et al. (2006) Assay

Retinoic acid signalling is required for specification of pronephric cell fate.

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aldh1a2.L laevis NF stage 11 vegetal part, early involuting

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  Fig. 8. RAR-α is expressed in pronephric mesoderm. A: RT-PCR analysis of RAR-β expression during Xenopus embryogenesis. Embryonic stages are indicated according to Nieuwkoop and Faber, 1967. ODC is used as an RNA loading control. B–L: In situ hybridization on gastrula stage 11 (B–G) or stage 12 (H–L) for XRaldh2 (B, E, J), RAR-γ (C, F, K), RAR-α (D, G, L), XPax-8 (H) and Xlim-1 (I). In situ hybridization was performed on hemisectioned embryos except in panels B–D. In panels H–L, embryos were cut transversally at the level of the pronephric territory, dorsal is up. RAR-α and XRaldh2 are expressed in the mesodermal layer during gastrulation and their expression domains overlap with Xlim-1 and XPax-8 expression in the pronephric territory at the late gastrula stage.