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cdh1xenopus superficial 

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Par6b Regulates the Dynamics of Apicobasal Polarity during Development of the Stratified Xenopus Epidermis.

Par6b regulates the dynamics of apicobasal polarity during development of the stratified Xenopus epidermis.

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cdh1.L laevis NF stage 17 superficial

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  Figure 6. Par6b depletion stabilizes Crb3 on deep cell membranes, and destabilizes Lgl2 in both epidermal layers. (A) Crb3-GFP signal in a transverse section of st17 embryos. 25 ng of Par6b-MO was injected into one blastomere at the 2-cell stage. Left half is the uninjected side and right half is the Par6b-MO injected side. (B) Crb3-GFP distribution in uninjected epidermis, left box in figure A. (C) Crb3-GFP distribution in Par6b-depleted side, right box in figure A. (D, E) GFP-Lgl2 signal in transverse section of st12.5 and st17 injected embryos. 10 ng of Par6b-MO with RIDX was injected into one animal ventral blastomere at the 8-cell stage. (E) Western blot of total protein extracts from st12.5 and st16/17 Crb3-GFP or GFP-Lgl2 injected host transfer embryos with or without injection of 50 ng Par6b-MO. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0076854.g006