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cdh1xenopus liver 

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Dutton JR et al. (2009) Assay

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cdh1.S laevis NF stage 45 liver

  Figure 4. Adeno-green fluorescent protein (GFP) infection of Xenopus cells grown in vitro. A: Fibroblasts (f) and neuron-like cells (n) in outgrowths from explants of stage 40-44 tadpole neural tubes. B: A melanophore migrating from stage 40-44 tadpole neural tube explant (brightfield view in insert). C: Stage 45 tadpole liver explant. Mesenchymal cells express GFP, while the underlying epithelium, stained for E-cadherin (red), does not.. D: Stage 45 gall bladder. E-cadherin is shown in red. Scale bars = 20 mu m in A, 30 mu m in B, 50 mu m in C, 20 mu m in D.