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Experiment details for dab2

Xenopus Dab2 is required for embryonic angiogenesis.

Xenopus Dab2 is required for embryonic angiogenesis.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
dab2.L laevis NF stage 1 animal
dab2.L laevis NF stage 8 animal

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  Figure 1. Comparison of Dab2 homologue sequences and spatiotemporal expression pattern of Xenopus Dab2. (A) Alignment of Xenopus, human, rat, mouse and zebrafish Dab2 sequences. They contain the conserved N-terminal PTB and C-terminal PRD domains. The identities between the domains are shown as percentages. (B-K) The spatial and temporal expression patterns of XDab2. (B) RT-PCR analysis showing the temporal expression pattern of XDab2 in Xenopus early development. Stages are indicated above the lanes. ODC serves as a loading control. (C) Animal view of a one-cell stage embryo. (D) Lateral view of a cleavage stage embryo. (E) Anterior view of a neurula stage embryo with dorsal at top. (F) A neurulae viewed dorsally with anterior at bottom. (G) Lateral view of a tailbud stage embryo showing XDab2 expressed in presomitic region. (H) Dorsal view of a tailbud stage embryo with anterior at left. (I and J) Lateral view of late tailbud stage embryos. (K) A tadpole stage embryo in which XDab2 is expressed in the pronephric sinus (PS), vascular vitelline networks (VVN), anterior cardinal veins (ACV), common cardinal veins (CCV), posterior cardinal veins (PCV) and intersomitic veins (ISV).