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fubp1xenopus chordoneural hinge 

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Gene profiling during neural induction in Xenopus laevis: regulation of BMP signaling by post-transcriptional mechanisms and TAB3, a novel TAK1-binding protein.

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fubp1.L laevis NF stage 33 and 34 chordoneural hinge

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  Fig. 4. Whole-mount in situ hybridization of selected clones. (A) Clone 46-E2/FUSE-binding protein is expressed throughout the animal pole of the gastrula embryo (left and center) and at tadpole stages in the branchial arches and the brain (right panel). (B) Clone 45-H5/prothymosin is expressed at high levels throughout the epithelial layer of the animal pole (left panel) and in anterior neural tissue both at neurula (middle panel) and tadpole stages (right panel). It is also seen in the tailbud (arrow in right panel). (C) Clone 47-B11/plexin, is expressed at gastrula stages throughout the animal pole (left panel). At neurula transcripts are detected throughout the spinal cord and neural tube. At tadpole stages, it is detected in the brain, spinal cord, the facial and trigeminal ganglia, and the pronephros (right). (D) Clone 47-F3/novel is expressed throughout the gastrula embryo (left and center panels, arrow in middle panel depicts the dorsal blastopore lip). At later stages, expression is very strong in the brain and caudal end of the embryo (white arrows in right panel). It is also detected in ventral tissue (black arrow, right). (E) Clone 47-G3/hypothetical protein is strongly expressed in the animal pole at gastrula stages and in the dorsal blastopore lip (left). High levels are also detected in the nervous system and it is excluded from the cement gland (middle). At tadpole stages (right), it is expressed exclusively in the anterior neural tube. (F) Clone 51-A10/hypothetical protein is expressed at neurula stages in ciliated epidermal cells (arrows, left) and the presumptive otic placodes (arrow in center). In the tadpole (right), notice expression in the nervous system, branchial arches and pronephros. (G) Clone 51-D6/RNA bp EWS is expressed at high levels throughout the gastrula embryo excluding the vegetal pole (left panel), expression is very high in the anterior neural plate at neurula (middle) and is then expressed throughout the brain at tadpole stage (right). (H) Clone 57-G10/TAB3 is expressed throughout both the embryo at both gastrula and neurula stages (left and middle). At tadpole stage, expression is seen in the brain and branchial arches (right). (I) Clone 47-G6/DG42 is expressed throughout the animal pole in the gastrula (left) and is excluded from the neural plate at neurula stages (center); by tadpole stage it is only expressed in ventral regions of the gut (right, see arrow). a, anterior; ba, branchial arches; cg, cement gland; fb, forebrain; hb, hindbrain; mb, midbrain; nc, notochord; np, neural plate; nt, neural tube; ov, otic vesicle; p, posterior; pn, pronephros; tb, tailbud; viith, facial ganglia; *, dorsal blastopore lip.