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hoxa3xenopus anterior branchial crest 

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Knockdown of the complete Hox paralogous group 1 leads to dramatic hindbrain and neural crest defects.

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hoxa3.S laevis NF stage 22 anterior branchial crest

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  Fig. 8. Effects of single PG1 knockdowns on Hox genes. Embryos injected on the left-hand side (lhs) with the triple PG1 MO combination had reduced Hoxb2 (A: 93%, n=28), Hoxa3 (E: 100%, n=14) and Hoxd4 (I: 79%, n=14). The Hoxa1 MO weakly downregulated Hoxb2 (B: 80%, n=10) and reduced Hoxa3 (F: 54%, n=11), but not Hoxd4 (J: 100%, n=20). The Hoxb1 MO had no effect on any of these genes (C: Hoxb2, 100%, n=10; G: Hoxa3, 100% n=9; K: Hoxd4, 100%, n=18). Hoxd1 MO reduced Hoxd4 expression (L: 100%, n=16), weakly reduced Hoxb2 (D: 43%, n=14), but did not affect Hoxa3 (H: 100%, n=10).