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neurod4xenopus retinal outer nuclear layer 

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Experiment details for neurod4

Wang JC and Harris WA (2005) Assay

The role of combinational coding by homeodomain and bHLH transcription factors in retinal cell fate specification.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
neurod4.L laevis NF stage 32 retinal outer nuclear layer

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  Fig. 1. In situ hybridizations for HD and bHLH TFs at stage 32 (upper panel) and stage 41 (lower panel). (A) For homeodomain transcription factors, all are expressed in neural retina at stage 32 except XChx10. XSix3, XOptx2, and XPax6 are also expressed in the lens. By stage 41, all HD TFs are expressed in the CMZ but only XRx1 and XSix3 extend to the most peripheral region. Distinctive expression patterns are also observed in the retinal layers: ONL and outer INL for XRx1 and XOtx5b; outer INL for XOtx2 and XChx10; GCL and inner INL for XOptx2, XPax6, and XBH; GCL and INL for XSix3. (B) For bHLH transcription factors, all are expressed in the neural retina by stage 32 and localized in the CMZ at stage 41. XNeuroD is the only bHLH gene whose expression is maintained at stage 41. bHLH = basic helix–loop–helix; HD = homeodomain; ONL = outer nuclear layer; INL = inner nuclear layer; GCL = ganglion cell layer; TF = transcription factor.