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pias4xenopus anterior 

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Negative regulation of Smad2 by PIASy is required for proper Xenopus mesoderm formation.

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pias4.L laevis NF stage 18 anterior

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  Fig. 2. Expression patterns of XPIASy and XSmad2 during Xenopus development. (A) Semi-quantitative RT-PCR analysis of XPIASy and XSmad2 expression was performed using whole embryos at different stages. ODC (Ornithine decarboxylase) was used as a control. (B) XPIASy and XSmad2 show different temporal expression in the marginal zone at the early gastrula stage. Stage 10 embryos were dissected as shown into animal pole (AN), vegetal pole (VG), DMZ (D) or VMZ (V) explants, or whole embryos (WE), and subjected to RT-PCR analysis of XPIASy and XSmad2. XPIASy is expressed strongly in the VMZ compared with the DMZ. (C) In situ hybridization of XPIASy (a-g) and XSmad2 (h-n) during development. (a,h) Stage 6-1/2, lateral view; (b,i) stage 10; (c,j) stage 18, anterior view; (d,k) stage 25; (e,l) stage 27; (f,m) stage 29/30; and (g,n) stage 37/38.