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pkd2xenopus cilium 

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Cilia-driven leftward flow determines laterality in Xenopus.

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pkd2.L laevis NF stage 18 cilium

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  Figure 2. GRP Cilia Are Motile and Express LR-Relevant Markers(A–D) Immunohistochemical analysis of dorsal explants at stage 18. Double labeling for acetylated tubulin (red; Sigma) and (in green) LRD (A) [19], Inversin (B) [19], and Polycystin-2 (C) [40]. Control staining with secondary goat anti-rabbit antibody (Alexa Fluor 488, Invitrogen) is shown in (D). Staining followed standard procedures.(E) In situ hybridization with a probe specific for XDhc9 at stage 18. Histological sagittal (E′) and transverse (E′) embryo sections stained in whole-mount at stage 18 (planes of sections are indicated in [E]) reveal specific transcripts in GRP cells but not in the overlying notochord (no).(F) Time-lapse images of beating cilium at stage 18; A side view is shown. Top row: Four consecutive frames of time-lapse sequence offset by 0.015 s (s; cf. Movie S1). Bottom row: The cilium is outlined, and the clockwise vector of movement is indicated in blue.Abbreviations are as follows: a, anterior; bp, blastopore; d, dorsal; l, left; p, posterior; r, right; and v, ventral.