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Dev Dyn August 1, 2005; 233 (4): 1287-93.
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Developmental expression and comparative genomic analysis of Xenopus cardiac myosin heavy chain genes.

Garriock RJ , Meadows SM , Krieg PA .

Myosin heavy chains (MHC) are cytoskeletal motor proteins essential to the process of muscle contraction. We have determined the complete sequences of the Xenopus cardiac MHC genes, alpha-MHC and ventricular MHC (vMHC), and have characterized their developmental expression profiles. Whereas alpha-MHC is expressed from the earliest stages of cardiac differentiation, vMHC transcripts are not detected until the heart has undergone chamber formation. Early expression of vMHC appears to mark the cardiac conduction system, but expression expands to include the ventricle and outflow tract myocardium during subsequent development. Sequence comparisons, transgenic expression analysis, and comparative genomic studies indicate that Xenopus alpha-MHC is the true orthologue of the mammalian alpha-MHC gene. On the other hand, we show that the Xenopus vMHC gene is most closely related to chicken ventricular MHC (vMHC1) not the mammalian beta-MHC. Comparative genomic analysis has allowed the detection of a mammalian MHC gene (MyH15) that appears to be the orthologue of vMHC, but evidence suggests that this gene is no longer active.

PubMed ID: 15986480
Article link: Dev Dyn
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: myh15 myh6

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