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Dev Genet January 1, 1996; 19 (3): 190-8.
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Identification of new localized RNAs in the Xenopus oocyte by differential display PCR.

Hudson JW , Alarcón VB , Elinson RP .

We have identified localized transcripts in full-grown Xenopus oocytes by differential display PCR. One clone, An4a, has two transcripts, which localize to the animal half of the stage VI oocyte. The transcripts are expressed throughout early development, with embryonic expression primarily in anterior neural tissues. An4a has a high degree of sequence identity to a human cDNA clone of unknown function. Another clone, the previously identified beta-transducin repeat containing protein (beta-TrCP), has three transcripts with a unique pattern of localization, one localized to the animal half and two localized primarily to the vegetal cortex. This cDNA has previously been shown to rescue a yeast cell division cycle mutant, raising the possibility that the different Xenopus transcripts are involved in animal and vegetal cell cycles. Embryonic expression is primarily in the cement gland. These new localized transcripts contribute to the general observation that the vegetal cortex, but not the animal cortex, is a specific site for RNA localization.

PubMed ID: 8952061
Article link: Dev Genet

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: btrc ddx3x gdf1 gnat1 igf2bp3 nanos1 nup93 pax6 wnt11

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