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J Cell Biol August 1, 1995; 130 (4): 755-69.

Early events in DNA replication require cyclin E and are blocked by p21CIP1.

Jackson PK , Chevalier S , Philippe M , Kirschner MW .

Using immunodepletion of cyclin E and the inhibitor protein p21WAF/CIP1, we demonstrate that the cyclin E protein, in association with Cdk2, is required for the elongation phase of replication on single-stranded substrates. Although cyclin E/Cdk2 is likely to be the major target by which p21 inhibits the initiation of sperm DNA replication, p21 can inhibit single-stranded replication through a mechanism dependent on PCNA. While the cyclin E/Cdk2 complex appears to have a role in the initiation of DNA replication, another Cdk kinase, possibly cyclin A/Cdk, may be involved in a later step controlling the switch from initiation to elongation. The provision of a large maternal pool of cyclin E protein shows that regulators of replication are constitutively present, which explains the lack of a protein synthesis requirement for replication in the early embryonic cell cycle.

PubMed ID: 7642695
PMC ID: PMC2199964
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: cdk2 cdkn1a nsg1 pcna

References [+] :
Adachi, Study of the cell cycle-dependent assembly of the DNA pre-replication centres in Xenopus egg extracts. 1994, Pubmed, Xenbase