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Plant Mol Biol April 1, 1992; 18 (6): 1073-82.
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Ribosomal RNA genes of Phaseolus coccineus. I.

Maggini F , Tucci G , Demartis A , Gelati MT , Avanzi S .

rDNA fragments, including the whole intergenic spacer (IGS) region of P. coccineus, were cloned into dephosphorylated pUC 13 plasmid. Four clones of different insert size were analysed. Restriction patterns and physical maps of these length variants (pPH1, pPH2, pPH5, pPH6) were performed through complete Eco RI cleavage and partial digestion with Hpa II, Hae III, Sau 3AI, Sma I. Evidence was obtained that the length heterogeneity of the four genes was mainly due to a differing number of about 170 bp sub-repeating elements in the IGS. Indeed, there are 16 of these in pPH1, about 34 in pPH2, 10 in pPH5 and about 60 in pPH6. The sequence analysis of pPH6 sub-repeats revealed that there are two types of sub-repeats: short ones (S) of 162 bp and long ones (L) of 176 bp. The homology between S and L is high (93.8%). S and L elements are present in at least three of the four genes investigated, as shown by a restriction pattern obtained with Hae III digestion to completion. The relative frequency of S and L types, however, differs among the four genes. The possible functional meaning of the sub-repeat structure is discussed on the basis of the homology between the S and L sequences on the one hand and on the other the ribosomal sequences of: i) Xenopus promoter(s); ii) wheat block A sub-repeats; iii) presumptive promoter(s) of wheat.

PubMed ID: 1600143
Article link: Plant Mol Biol

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: acta2 bmpr2 hpse

References [+] :
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