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C R Acad Sci Hebd Seances Acad Sci D April 2, 1979; 288 (13): 1055-8.

[Immunohistochemical identification, in an anuran amphibian (Xenopus laevis Daud.) of infundibular neurons reacting with antigastrin serum].

Doerr-Schott J , Garaud JC , Clause RO .

Neurons containing peptides immunocytologically related to gastrin have been revealed by immuno-cytology in the post-chiasmatic hypothalamus of Xenopus laevis. Their pericarya are localized in the postero-dorsal zone of the pars ventralis of the tuber cinereum; their axons end on the capillaries of the external zone of the median eminence.

PubMed ID: 110481
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: gast