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Chromosoma February 3, 1977; 59 (3): 253-7.
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DNA content in the genus Xenopus.

Thiébaud CH , Fischberg M .

Nuclear DNA amounts were determined by cytofluorometry for twelve species and subspecies of the genus Xenopus. Absolute values, in pg per nucleus, were obtained by direct comparison with human lymphocyte nuclei. The lowest DNA amount (3.55 pg) was found in X. tropicalis, which possess only 20 chromosomes, and the highest (16.25 pg), in the hexaploid X. ruwenzoriensis, with 108 chromosomes. The two recently discovered tetraploid species, X. sp.n. and X. vestitus have, respectively 12,57 and 12.83 pg of DNA. Among the species and subspecies with 36 chromosomes, the DNA content ranges from 6.35 to 8.45 pg.

PubMed ID: 837803
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