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Int J Mol Med July 1, 2004; 14 (1): 121-6.
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Identification and characterization of the human FMN1 gene in silico.

Katoh M , Katoh M .

Mouse Formin (Fmn1) protein plays a key role in limb morphogenesis. Fmn1 is one of the actin regulators with scaffold function, interacting with Profilin, SRC, EMS1, FNBP1, FNBP2, FNBP3, FNBP4, WBP4 and alpha-catenin. Fmn1, Fmn2, FHOD1, FHOD3, GRID2IP and FHDC1 are non-FDD-type Formin homology proteins, while FMNL1, FMNL2, FMNL3, DIAPH1, DIAPH2, DIAPH3, DAAM1 and DAAM2 are FDD-type Formin homology proteins. Here, we identified the human FMN1 gene by using bioinformatics. The complete coding sequence of human FMN1 cDNA was determined by assembling AC055874.8 genome sequence (nucleotide position 178207-180073), AI040235 EST (complementary sequence for nucleotide position 331-156) and FLJ45135 cDNA (nucleotide position 319-3310). FMN1 isoform 1 (exons 1-18) and FMN isoform 2 (exons 1b and 3-18) were transcribed due to alternative splicing of the alternative promoter type. The FMN1 gene at human chromosome 15q13.3 was located between CKTSF1B1 (Gremlin) and RYR3 genes. The Xenopus fmn1 gene was identified within the Xenopus genome sequence CH216-24N20 (AC147835.1). The FMH1 domain (codon 1-120 of FMN1) and FMH2 domain (codon 683-835 of FMN1) were identified as novel regions conserved among human FMN1, mouse Fmn1, and Xenopus fmn1. The FMH2 domain was almost identical to the alpha-catenin binding domain of mouse Fmn1. Human FMN1 (1419 aa), showing 77.1% total amino-acid identity with mouse Fmn1, was found consisting of FMH1, FMH2, FH1 and FH2 domains. This is the first report on the identification and characterization of the human FMN1 gene as well as the FMH1 and FMH2 domains.

PubMed ID: 15202026
Article link: Int J Mol Med

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: actl6a cttn daam1 daam2 diaph1 diaph2 diaph3 fhdc1 fhod1 fhod3 fmn1 fmn2 fmnl1 fmnl2 fmnl3 fnbp1 fnbp4 grem1 grid2ip pfn1 prpf40a ryr3 srgap2 wbp4