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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A June 1, 1969; 63 (2): 378-83.

Formation and detection of RNA-DNA hybrid molecules in cytological preparations.

Gall JG , Pardue ML .

A technique is described for forming molecular hybrids between RNA in solution and the DNA of intact cytological preparations. Cells in a conventional tissue squash are immobilized under a thin layer of agar. Next they are treated with alkali to denature the DNA and then incubated with tritium-labeled RNA. The hybrids are detected by autoradiography. The technique is illustrated by the hybridization of ribosomal RNA to the amplified ribosomal genes in oocytes of the toad Xenopus. A low level of gene amplification was also detected in premeiotic nuclei (oogonia).

PubMed ID: 4895535
PMC ID: PMC223575
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