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Exp Neurobiol September 1, 2011; 20 (3): 123-9.

xCITED2 Induces Neural Genes in Animal Cap Explants of Xenopus Embryos.

Yoon J , Kim JH , Lee OJ , Yu SB , Kim JI , Kim SC , Park JB , Lee JY , Kim J .

Neural tissue is arisen from presumptive ectoderm via inhibition of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling during Xenopus early development. Previous studies demonstrate that ectopic expression of dominant negative BMP4 receptor (DNBR) produces neural tissue in animal cap explants (AC) and also increases the expression level of various genes involved in neurogenesis. To investigate detail mechanism of neurogenesis in transcriptional level, we analyzed RNAs increased by DNBR using total RNA sequencing analysis and identified several candidate genes. Among them, xCITED2 (Xenopus CBP/p300-interacting transcription activator) was induced 4.6 fold by DNBR and preferentially expressed in neural tissues at tadpole stage. Ectopic expression of xCITED2 induced anterior neural genes without mesoderm induction and reduced BMP downstream genes, an eye specific marker and posterior neural marker. Taken together, these results suggest that xCITED2 may have a role in the differentiation of anterior neural tissue during Xenopus early development.

PubMed ID: 22110370
PMC ID: PMC3214773
Article link: Exp Neurobiol
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: actl6a bmp4 chrd.1 cited2 crebbp egr2 ep300 gata2 hoxb9 krt12.4 mixer ncam1 neurod1 odc1 otx2 rax tbxt ventx1.1 zic3

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