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Gene Expr Patterns March 1, 2012; 12 (3-4): 123-9.
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Claudin-5 expression in the vasculature of the developing chick embryo.

Collins MM , Baumholtz AI , Ryan AK .

The claudin family of proteins are integral components of tight junctions and are responsible for determining the ion specificity and permeability of paracellular transport within epithelial and endothelial cell layers. Studies in human, mouse, Xenopus, and zebrafish have shown that only a limited number of claudins are expressed in endothelial cells. Here, we report the expression pattern of Claudin-5 during chick development. Between HH stage 4 and 6 Claudin-5 expression was observed exclusively in extraembryonic tissue. Claudin-5 expression was not observed in the embryo until HH stage 8, coincident with the onset of embryonic vascularization. Claudin-5 expression was maintained in the developing vasculature in the embryonic and extraembryonic tissue throughout organogenesis (HH stage 19-35), including the vasculature of the ectoderm and of organs derived from the mesoderm and endoderm lineages. These data describe a conserved expression pattern for Claudin-5 in the endothelial tight junction barrier and is the first report of the onset of Claudin-5 expression in a vertebrate embryo.

PubMed ID: 22326481
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: cldn5 drg1 gnao1 omp

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