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Endocrinology April 1, 2012; 153 (4): 1861-74.
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Identification of the receptors for prolactin-releasing peptide (PrRP) and Carassius RFamide peptide (C-RFa) in chickens.

Wang Y , Wang CY , Wu Y , Huang G , Li J , Leung FC .

Prolactin-releasing peptide (PrRP) and its structurally related peptide, Carassius Arg-Phe-amide peptide (C-RFa), have been reported to play similar roles in regulating food intake and pituitary functions in vertebrates. However, the identity, functionality, and expression of the receptor(s) for PrRP and C-RFa remain largely unknown in nonmammalian vertebrates, including birds. In this study, three receptors homologous to mammalian PrRP receptor (PrRPR), named cPrRPR1, cPrRPR2, and cC-RFaR, respectively, were cloned from chicken brain by RT-PCR. Using a pGL3-NFAT-RE-luciferase reporter system, we demonstrated that cPrRPR1 and cPrRPR2 expressed in Chinese hamster ovarian cells could be activated by cPrRP₂₀ and cC-RFa₂₀ potently, whereas cC-RFaR could only be activated effectively by cC-RFa₂₀ (EC₅₀, 0.11 nM), indicating that cPrRPR1 and cPrRPR2 can function as common receptors for PrRP and C-RFa, whereas cC-RFaR is a receptor specific to C-RFa. Using a pGL3-CRE-luciferase reporter system, cPrRPR1, cPrRPR2, and cC-RFaR expressed in Chinese hamster ovarian cells were also shown to activate intracellular protein kinase A signaling pathway upon cC-RFa₂₀ treatment (100 nM). Moreover, RT-PCR assay revealed that cPrRPR1, cPrRPR2, and cC-RFaR were widely expressed in most adult chicken tissues examined, including various regions of brain. These findings, together with evidence of PrRP and C-RFa encoded by separate genes in chicken, Xenopus, and zebrafish, and the differential expression of PrRP and C-RFa genes in chicken tissues, strongly suggest that PrRP and C-RFa may play similar yet distinctive roles in nonmammalian vertebrates, including chicken, and their actions are mediated by common receptor(s) or a specific C-RFa receptor.

PubMed ID: 22355069
Article link: Endocrinology

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: nfatc2 prl.1 prlh prlhr