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Chromosome Res January 1, 2003; 11 (6): 549-64.

Distribution of XCAP-E and XCAP-D2 in the Xenopus oocyte nucleus.

Beenders B , Watrin E , Legagneux V , Kireev I , Bellini M .

Several antibodies were used to examine the distribution of two condensin members, XCAP-E and XCAP-D2, in the nucleus of Xenopus oocytes. XCAP-D2 was found to be associated with the lampbrush chromosomes. The chromosomal regions containing XCAP-D2 correspond precisely to domains of highly compacted chromatin, suggesting a direct contribution of XCAP-D2 in meiotic chromatin organization. In contrast, XCAP-E was found to be absent from chromosomes but was detected at a high concentration in the granular component of nucleoli. The subnucleolar localization of XCAP-E was further confirmed by double labeling using several nucleolar protein markers. The fate of nucleolar XCAP-E was also followed when changes in the nucleoli morphology were artificially induced. The apparent exclusion of XCAP-E from the ribosomal DNA and its tight association with the granular component in all preparations suggest that it might be sequestrated in nucleoli during early stages of meiosis. Interestingly, both XCAP-D2 and XCAP-E were also detected in Cajal bodies, which are organelles suspected to play a role in the assembly/modification of the RNA transcription and processing machinery. The presence of two condensins in CBs might extend such a role of assembly to chromatin macromolecular components as well.

PubMed ID: 14516064
Article link: Chromosome Res
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