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Rouxs Arch Dev Biol March 1, 1995; 204 (4): 223-228.

Xenopus laevis tadpole limb regeneration in vivo and in vitro: thyroxine directly promotes blastemal cell proliferation and morphogenesis.

La Mesa G , Bernardini S , Cannata SM , Filoni S .

Regeneration in hindlimbs of Xenopus laevis larvae which were amputated at stage 53 and 55 through the tarsalia region is promoted by thyroxine (T4), while propyl-thiouracil (PTU) inhibits regeneration when compared to controls. In this paper, by in vivo and in vitro experiments, we demonstrate that the promoting effect of T4 on the regenerative processes of larval X. laevis hindlimbs is a direct effect of this hormone on the blastemal cells. By contrast, the inhibitory effect of PTU on the regenerative process is not due to a direct effect on blastemal cells or to a general toxic effect on the treated larvae, but is related to hypothyroidism induced by the drug. We find that: (i) an increase in blastemal cell proliferation is observed not only in blastemata of T4-treated larvae, but also in blastemata cultured in vitro in a medium supplemented with T4; (ii) the renegerative process is accelerated not only in larvae reared in T4 but also in larvae submitted to a combined treatment of T4 and PTU; (iii) inhibition of cell proliferation is observed in blastemata of PTU-reared larvae but not in blastemata cultured in vitro in a medium supplemented with PTU. Experiments on thyroidless larvae (which were submitted to transplantation of hindlimbs from larvae at stages 53 and 55 followed by amputation of their own right hindlimb and the transplanted limbs) have shown that without thyroid hormone the regenerative process is arrested at cone stage and the promoting effect of T4 treatment is dependent on limb stage and amputation level.

PubMed ID: 28306117
Article link: Rouxs Arch Dev Biol

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