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Methods Mol Biol January 1, 2018; 1797 325-335.
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Visualization of Gene Expression Patterns by In Situ Hybridization on Early Stages of Development of Xenopus laevis.

El-Hodiri HM , Kelly LE .

In situ hybridization performed using whole fixed embryos provides accurate and detailed visualization of gene expression patterns. These patterns are useful for investigating spatial patterns of gene expression in normally developing embryos but can also be useful in investigating the effects of genetic or environmental changes on expression of genetic markers characteristic of particular tissues, organs, or genetic pathways. Our lab''s protocol for whole-mount in situ hybridization is presented.

PubMed ID: 29896701
Article link: Methods Mol Biol
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: alx1 alx4 cyp26a1 prrx1 prrx2

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