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Gene Expr Patterns January 1, 2020; 35 119091.

Differential expression of foxo genes during embryonic development and in adult tissues of Xenopus tropicalis.

Zheng L , Mao CZ , Bi YQ , Zhou YM , Zhang Z , Zhao H , Park KS , Huang R , Cai DQ , Qi XF .

The forkhead-box transcription factors of O subfamily (FOXO) play important roles in regulation of various biological functions. We cloned foxo1, foxo3, foxo4, and foxo6 from Xenopus tropicalis (hereafter X. tropicalis), and examined their expression in embryos and adult tissues. Maternal transcripts of foxo1 and foxo3 genes are detected within the animal half of the early embryo, their zygotic transcripts show distinct patterns. At late tailbud stages, foxo1 expression is observed mainly in eye, brain, branchial arches, and pronephros. In addition to eye, brain, branchial arches and pronephros, foxo3 expression is also evident in heart and somites. Foxo4 expression was not detected in oocytes. At late tailbud stages, foxo4 is mainly expressed in eye, brain, branchial arches and otic vesicle. Foxo6 expression was not detectable until stage 36, with a specific expression in nasal pits. Obvious expression of foxo1, foxo3 and foxo4, but not foxo6, is detected by RT-PCR both in oocytes and in embryos at examined stages. The expression of foxo1, foxo3 and foxo4 is observed in all tested adult tissues including heart, muscle, liver, lung, stomach and small intestine, while foxo6 is only detectable in stomach and small intestine. The differential expression pattern of foxo genes suggests that they exert distinct functions during embryonic development and in various organs of X. tropicalis.

PubMed ID: 31770608
Article link: Gene Expr Patterns

Species referenced: Xenopus tropicalis
Genes referenced: foxo1 foxo3 foxo4 foxo6 odc1
GO keywords: autophagy [+]

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