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Int J Dev Neurosci October 1, 2020; 80 (6): 528-537.

PR domaincontaining protein 12 (prdm12) is a downstream target of the transcription factor zic1 during cellular differentiation in the central nervous system: PR domain containing protein is the right form.

Rahman MM , Kim IS , Ahn D , Tae HJ , Park BY .

Transcription factor zic1 is an important regulator of neural plate patterning, formation of neural crest and cerebellar development, where its main function is neuronal cell differentiation. Among the genes identified, PR domain-containing 12 (prdm12) is a member of the prdm family and is expressed in the placode domain in the neurula stage. prdm12 is distinctly expressed in the dorsal part of the midbrain, trigeminal ganglion, and the motor neuron in the spinal cord. prdm12 knockdown results in the ventralization of the neural tube. zic1 knockdown results in the reduction of prdm12 expression in the midbrain, motor neuron and trigeminal ganglion, and overexpression of zic1 results in the expansion of prdm12 expression in the midbrain. zic1-activated wnt signaling is also a regulator of prdm12 expression in the midbrain. We propose that prdm12 is the downstream of zic1 and a novel player in the gene regulatory network controlling brain cell differentiation, along with some ganglions in Xenopus.

PubMed ID: 32640092
Article link: Int J Dev Neurosci
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: prdm12 zic1
GO keywords: cell differentiation