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Nucleic Acids Res January 1, 2021; 49 (D1): D254-D260.
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tRFtarget: a database for transfer RNA-derived fragment targets.

Li N , Shan N , Lu L , Wang Z .

Transfer RNA-derived fragments (tRFs) are a new class of small non-coding RNAs and play important roles in biological and physiological processes. Prediction of tRF target genes and binding sites is crucial in understanding the biological functions of tRFs in the molecular mechanisms of human diseases. We developed a publicly accessible web-based database, tRFtarget (, for tRF target prediction. It contains the computationally predicted interactions between tRFs and mRNA transcripts using the two state-of-the-art prediction tools RNAhybrid and IntaRNA, including location of the binding sites on the target, the binding region, and free energy of the binding stability with graphic illustration. tRFtarget covers 936 tRFs and 135 thousand predicted targets in eight species. It allows researchers to search either target genes by tRF IDs or tRFs by gene symbols/transcript names. We also integrated the manually curated experimental evidence of the predicted interactions into the database. Furthermore, we provided a convenient link to the DAVID® web server to perform downstream functional pathway analysis and gene ontology annotation on the predicted target genes. This database provides useful information for the scientific community to experimentally validate tRF target genes and facilitate the investigation of the molecular functions and mechanisms of tRFs.

PubMed ID: 33035346
Article link: Nucleic Acids Res
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Species referenced: Xenopus tropicalis
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GO keywords: ncRNA 5'-end processing [+]

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References [+] :
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