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Int J Oncol May 1, 2002; 20 (5): 993-8.
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Molecular cloning and characterization of Strabismus 2 (STB2).

Katoh M .

WNT signaling pathway is implicated in carcinogenesis and embryogenesis. WNT signal is transduced to the beta-catenin - TCF pathway, the JNK pathway, or the Ca2+-releasing pathway through seven-transmembrane-type WNT receptors encoded by Frizzled (FZD) genes. Xenopus Strabismus (Stbm) is a tetra-spanning transmembrane protein interacting with Dishevelled, and is a negative regulator of the WNT - beta-catenin - TCF signaling pathway. STB1/KIAA1215/VANGL2 is a human orthologue of Xenopus Stbm (90.6% total-amino-acid identity). Here, STB2/VANGL1 gene fragments were identified in human genome draft sequences by using bioinformatics, and STB2 cDNAs were isolated by using cDNA-PCR. STB2 gene consisted of at lest 7 exons, and encoded a 524-amino-acid protein with 4 transmembrane domains and the C-terminal Ser/Thr-X-Val motif. Human STB2 was homologous to human STB1 (73.1% total-amino-acid identity) and Xenopus Stbm (72.7% total-amino-acid identity). STB2 gene was clustered with Calsequestrin 2 (CASQ2) gene in tail-to-tail manner (interval less than 5.0 kb), and CASQ2 gene is mapped to human chromosome 1p11-p13.3 or linked to human chromosome 1p13-p21. STB2 mRNAs of 4.8- and 6.8-kb in size were expressed almost ubiquitously in various normal tissues. STB2 mRNA was significantly up-regulated in gastric cancer cell lines MKN28, MKN74, pancreatic cancer cell lines BxPC-3, PSN-1 and Hs766T. On the other hand, STB2 mRNA was significantly down-regulated in a pancreatic cancer cell line AsPC-1. This is the first report on molecular cloning and characterization of STB2.

PubMed ID: 11956595
Article link: Int J Oncol

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: casq2 cdkn1a dvl2 mapk8 nsg1 vangl1 vangl2