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Dev Dyn August 1, 2001; 221 (4): 470-4.
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Isolation and expression analysis of three zebrafish angiopoietin genes.

Pham VN , Roman BL , Weinstein BM .

The Tie1 and Tie2 receptor tyrosine kinases and the Tie2 ligands, the angiopoietins, play critical roles in vertebrate vascular embryogenesis, helping to mediate the interaction between endothelial cells and the pericytes or vascular smooth muscle cells that envelop and support them. We have obtained full-length cDNA sequences for zebrafish orthologs of angiopoietin-1 (ang1), angiopoietin-2 (ang2), and angiopoietin-like-3 (angptl3). Ang1 is expressed in head ventral mesenchyme, in the ventromedial region of somites, in mesenchyme surrounding trunk axial vessels, and in the hypochord, a transient embryonic structure of endodermal origin that has been implicated in dorsal aorta assembly in both zebrafish and Xenopus. Ang2 is expressed in head and anterior trunk ventral mesenchyme and the developing pronephric glomeruli. Angptl3 is expressed in the yolk syncytial layer.

PubMed ID: 11500985
Article link: Dev Dyn
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: angpt1 angpt2 angptl3 tek tie1

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