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Antibody Name: Neuronal Ab1

Common Name: zn-12

RRID: AB_531908

XAO: muscle, neuron

Clone Type: Monoclonal
Source: Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank

Clone Number zn-12
Isotype IgG1
Host Organism mouse
Xenopus Reactivity tropicalis, laevis
Non-Xenopus Reactivity chicken, zebrafish
Description: Citation: (DSHB Cat# zn-12, RRID:AB_531908). Please send all citations to the DSHB. Works on zebrafish embryos/larva and adults. Stains (4% paraformaldehyde, 4ºC, O/N, cryostat or wholemount) the cell surface of many but not all neurons, fibers and neuropil, muscle cells and receptor cells.
Name brain membranes
Type homogenized tissue
Post Translational Modifications None
Source Organism Other
Description source organism: zebrafish. Zn-12 recognizes both sulfated and non-sulfated HNK-1 epitopes.
Reported Usage
immunohistochemistry 1:40, Dent's Fixative
western blot
immunofluorescence 1:40, Dent's Fixative
First: Organization of hindbrain segments in the zebrafish embryo., Neuron 1990  
Most recent: Regulation of neurogenesis by Fgf8a requires Cdc42 signaling and a novel Cdc42 effector protein., Dev Biol 2013                                
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