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Line Name Species Mutated Gene Description Availability

X.tropicalis Tol2 transposon harboring a Xenopus ef1a promoter driving expression of GFP. NXR

X.tropicalis Custom line generated by NXR for Andrew Miller. NXR

X.tropicalis N-tubulin promoter driving Gal4Pr (RU482-inducible Gal4-progesterone receptor fusion) in post-mitoti... NXR EXRC

X.tropicalis T-box transcription factor T (tbxt) promoter driving Katushka, crystallin gamma A (cryga) promoter d... EXRC

X.tropicalis contains the Cre reporter CMV:ECFP(loxP)mCherry; crystallin gamma A driving GFP as integration marke... EXRC

X.laevis Tetracycline inducible activated Notch expression in the exocrine pancreas. NXR

X.laevis dio3 promoter driving GFP , generating using REMI transgenesis. DNA plasmid construct used part of ...

X.laevis DNA construct containing Ror2 promoter driving EGFP, γ-crystallin promoter driving GFP3 (Fu et al., ...

X.laevis This is a line with a human Xenopus adprhl1 fusion protein overexpressed in the heart by a myl7 Gal...

X.laevis The Xenopus form of the adprhl1 gene with silent mutations to escape regulatory repression in the h...

X.laevis zebrafish GFAP gene driving expression of in enhanced GFP in CNS including radial glial cells, neura...

X.laevis This transgenic line allows selective cell ablation in the CNS. NTR, Nitroreductase. Transgene was i...

X.laevis Line with a human mutant form of rhodopsin with a Proline to Histidine substitution, which leads to ...

X.laevis Line with a human mutant form of rhodopsin with a Threonine to Methionine substitution, under the X....

X.laevis Line with a human mutant form of rhodopsin with a Threonine to Lysine substitution, under the X.laev...

X.laevis Line with a human mutant form of rhodopsin with a Glutamine to termination substitution, under the X...

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