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Summary Attributions Transgene

Line Name: Xla.Tg(cryga:eGFP)Amaya

Synonym: Crystallin-GFP; Xla.Gt(cryga:eGFP)Amaya, xCry-GFP
Species: Xenopus laevis
Background Strain: Unknown
Paternal Line:
Maternal Line:
Color Morph: unknown
Phenotype Description: GFP expression in the lens.
Breeding Type: UNKNOWN
Description: The crystallin-GFP construct was generated by subcloning a 2.2 kb fragment of the crystalline genomic DNA encompassing the promoter region (received from Robert Grainger), upstream of an enhanced version of the GFP. The Tg line was created using the gene trap method, a special class of transgenes. See attributions/citations for details.
Lab of Origin: Amaya Lab
Line Type: Transgenic
Mutated Gene:
MTA Required: No
Public: Yes
Catalogue Number: EXRC line #2

Vendor RRID Availability
NXR (US): NXR_0036 Yes, order
EXRC (Europe): EXRC_0002 Yes, order
NBRP (Japan): No
CRB (Europe): No