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Papers associated with oculomotor nerve

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In vitro modeling of cranial placode differentiation: Recent advances, challenges, and perspectives., Griffin C., Dev Biol. February 1, 2024; 506 20-30.

Expression of pluripotency factors in larval epithelia of the frog Xenopus: evidence for the presence of cornea epithelial stem cells., Perry KJ., Dev Biol. February 15, 2013; 374 (2): 281-94.                

Transplantation of Xenopus laevis tissues to determine the ability of motor neurons to acquire a novel target., Elliott KL., PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (2): e55541.          

Choline acetyltransferase immunoreactivity in the developing brain of Xenopus laevis., López JM., J Comp Neurol. November 25, 2002; 453 (4): 418-34.        

Retinoic acid causes abnormal development and segmental patterning of the anterior hindbrain in Xenopus embryos., Papalopulu N., Development. December 1, 1991; 113 (4): 1145-58.                          

The induction of an anomalous ipsilateral retinotectal projection in Xenopus laevis., Taylor JS., Anat Embryol (Berl). January 1, 1990; 181 (4): 393-404.

Excessive numbers of axons after early enucleation and blockade of metamorphosis in the oculomotor nerve of Xenopus laevis., Schönenberger N., Dev Biol. May 16, 1988; 468 (2): 253-60.

The time course of the changes in axon number of both oculomotor nerves in normal and unilaterally enucleated Xenopus laevis., Schönenberger N., Dev Biol. January 1, 1986; 389 (1-2): 169-77.

Aberrant retinotectal pathways induced by larval unilateral optic nerve section in Xenopus., Tay D., Neurosci Lett. June 1, 1980; 18 (2): 137-42.

Trochlear-oculomotor nerve interactions in Xenopus laevis tadpoles: a temporal study., Fangboner RF., J Exp Zool. September 1, 1979; 209 (3): 355-66.

Visual recovery following regeneration of the optic nerve through the oculomotor nerve root in Xenopus., Hibbard E., Exp Neurol. November 1, 1967; 19 (3): 350-6.

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