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Papers associated with hematopoietic stem cell

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Germline competent mesoderm: the substrate for vertebrate germline and somatic stem cells?, Savage AM., Biol Open. October 15, 2021; 10 (10):         

Characteristic Distribution of Hematopoietic Cells in Bone Marrow of Xenopus Laevis., Morita S., Bull Tokyo Dent Coll. September 8, 2021; 62 (3): 171-180.

Myelopoiesis of the Amphibian Xenopus laevis Is Segregated to the Bone Marrow, Away From Their Hematopoietic Peripheral Liver., Yaparla A., Front Immunol. April 4, 2019; 10 3015.              

Etv6 activates vegfa expression through positive and negative transcriptional regulatory networks in Xenopus embryos., Li L., Nat Commun. March 6, 2019; 10 (1): 1083.                                                        

Caspase-9 has a nonapoptotic function in Xenopus embryonic primitive blood formation., Tran HT., J Cell Sci. July 15, 2017; 130 (14): 2371-2381.                            

Dissecting BMP signaling input into the gene regulatory networks driving specification of the blood stem cell lineage., Kirmizitas A., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. June 6, 2017; 114 (23): 5814-5821.                    

Developmental hematopoiesis: ontogeny, genetic programming and conservation., Ciau-Uitz A., Exp Hematol. August 1, 2014; 42 (8): 669-83.

ETS transcription factors in hematopoietic stem cell development., Ciau-Uitz A., Blood Cells Mol Dis. December 1, 2013; 51 (4): 248-55.

MiR-142-3p controls the specification of definitive hemangioblasts during ontogeny., Nimmo R., Dev Cell. August 12, 2013; 26 (3): 237-49.                    

VEGFA-dependent and -independent pathways synergise to drive Scl expression and initiate programming of the blood stem cell lineage in Xenopus., Ciau-Uitz A., Development. June 1, 2013; 140 (12): 2632-42.                                                                                                                            

Uncoupling VEGFA functions in arteriogenesis and hematopoietic stem cell specification., Leung A., Dev Cell. January 28, 2013; 24 (2): 144-58.                                

Wnt/beta-catenin signaling is involved in the induction and maintenance of primitive hematopoiesis in the vertebrate embryo., Tran HT., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. September 14, 2010; 107 (37): 16160-5.                                                

Hsc70 rapidly engages tau after microtubule destabilization., Jinwal UK., J Biol Chem. May 28, 2010; 285 (22): 16798-805.

Tel1/ETV6 specifies blood stem cells through the agency of VEGF signaling., Ciau-Uitz A., Dev Cell. April 20, 2010; 18 (4): 569-78.                

Long-term consequences of Sox9 depletion on inner ear development., Park BY., Dev Dyn. April 1, 2010; 239 (4): 1102-12.          

Genetic control of hematopoietic development in Xenopus and zebrafish., Ciau-Uitz A., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2010; 54 (6-7): 1139-49.            

Monoketone analogs of curcumin, a new class of Fanconi anemia pathway inhibitors., Landais I., Mol Cancer. December 31, 2009; 8 133.                

Erythropoiesis: model systems, molecular regulators, and developmental programs., Tsiftsoglou AS., IUBMB Life. August 1, 2009; 61 (8): 800-30.

CD41+ cmyb+ precursors colonize the zebrafish pronephros by a novel migration route to initiate adult hematopoiesis., Bertrand JY., Development. May 1, 2008; 135 (10): 1853-62.

PSF1 is essential for early embryogenesis in mice., Ueno M., Mol Cell Biol. December 1, 2005; 25 (23): 10528-32.

Interaction between constitutively expressed heat shock protein, Hsc 70, and cysteine string protein is important for cortical granule exocytosis in Xenopus oocytes., Smith GB., J Biol Chem. September 23, 2005; 280 (38): 32669-75.

BMP4: its role in development of the hematopoietic system and potential as a hematopoietic growth factor., Sadlon TJ., Stem Cells. January 1, 2004; 22 (4): 457-74.

Reduced proliferative capacity of hematopoietic stem cells deficient in Hoxb3 and Hoxb4., Björnsson JM., Mol Cell Biol. June 1, 2003; 23 (11): 3872-83.

Ontogeny of hematopoiesis: examining the emergence of hematopoietic cells in the vertebrate embryo., Galloway JL., Curr Top Dev Biol. January 1, 2003; 53 139-58.

Establishing the transcriptional programme for blood: the SCL stem cell enhancer is regulated by a multiprotein complex containing Ets and GATA factors., Göttgens B., EMBO J. June 17, 2002; 21 (12): 3039-50.  

4-(N,N-dipropylamino)benzaldehyde inhibits the oxidation of all-trans retinal to all-trans retinoic acid by ALDH1A1, but not the differentiation of HL-60 promyelocytic leukemia cells exposed to all-trans retinal., Russo J., BMC Pharmacol. January 1, 2002; 2 4.      

Yolk-sac hematopoiesis: the first blood cells of mouse and man., Palis J., Exp Hematol. August 1, 2001; 29 (8): 927-36.

FLRF, a novel evolutionarily conserved RING finger gene, is differentially expressed in mouse fetal and adult hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors., Abdullah JM., Blood Cells Mol Dis. January 1, 2001; 27 (1): 320-33.

CaM kinase IV regulates lineage commitment and survival of erythroid progenitors in a non-cell-autonomous manner., Wayman GA., J Cell Biol. November 13, 2000; 151 (4): 811-24.                              

Dissecting hematopoiesis and disease using the zebrafish., Amatruda JF., Dev Biol. December 1, 1999; 216 (1): 1-15.

Transcriptional regulation of blood formation during Xenopus development., Huber TL., Semin Immunol. April 1, 1998; 10 (2): 103-9.

Intraembryonic origin of hepatic hematopoiesis in Xenopus laevis., Chen XD., J Immunol. March 15, 1995; 154 (6): 2557-67.

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