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Normal table of embryonic development in the Anji salamander Hynobius amjiensis (Hynobiidae)., Cao Z., Dev Biol. July 1, 2024; 511 84-91.

Xenopus as a model system for studying pigmentation and pigmentary disorders., El Mir J., Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. June 7, 2024;             

γ-TuRC asymmetry induces local protofilament mismatch at the RanGTP-stimulated microtubule minus end., Vermeulen BJ., EMBO J. May 1, 2024; 43 (10): 2062-2085.                                      

Quantitative proteome dynamics across embryogenesis in a model chordate., Frese AN., iScience. April 19, 2024; 27 (4): 109355.                            

Glutamylation of Npm2 and Nap1 acidic disordered regions increases DNA mimicry and histone chaperone efficiency., Lorton BM., iScience. April 19, 2024; 27 (4): 109458.                              

Resection of DNA double-strand breaks activates Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1- and Rad9-Hus1-Rad1-dependent mechanisms that redundantly promote ATR checkpoint activation and end processing in Xenopus egg extracts., Tatsukawa K., Nucleic Acids Res. April 12, 2024; 52 (6): 3146-3163.                  

RECQL4 is not critical for firing of human DNA replication origins., Padayachy L., Sci Rep. April 2, 2024; 14 (1): 7708.        

Viscosity-dependent control of protein synthesis and degradation., Chen Y., Nat Commun. March 8, 2024; 15 (1): 2149.                  

Increases in cyclin A/Cdk activity and in PP2A-B55 inhibition by FAM122A are key mitosis-inducing events., Lacroix B., EMBO J. March 1, 2024; 43 (6): 993-1014.                                

Evidence for widespread cytoplasmic structuring into mesoscale condensates., Keber FC., Nat Cell Biol. March 1, 2024; 26 (3): 346-352.

TopBP1 utilises a bipartite GINS binding mode to support genome replication., Day M., Nat Commun. February 27, 2024; 15 (1): 1797.              

Controlling Physical and Biochemical Parameters of Actin Nucleation Using a Patterned Model Lipid Membrane., Yamazaki Y., Nano Lett. February 14, 2024; 24 (6): 1825-1834.

Regulation of condensin II by self-suppression and release mechanisms., Yoshida MM., Mol Biol Cell. February 1, 2024; 35 (2): ar21.

Conserved chromatin and repetitive patterns reveal slow genome evolution in frogs., Bredeson JV., Nat Commun. January 17, 2024; 15 (1): 579.                                            

Nuclear growth and import can be uncoupled., Chen P., Mol Biol Cell. January 1, 2024; 35 (1): ar1.

Branched microtubule nucleation and dynein transport organize RanGTP asters in Xenopus laevis egg extract., Scrofani J., Mol Biol Cell. January 1, 2024; 35 (1): ar12.

The early dorsal signal in vertebrate embryos requires endolysosomal membrane trafficking., Azbazdar Y., Bioessays. January 1, 2024; 46 (1): e2300179.                            

Visualizing the dynamics of DNA replication and repair at the single-molecule level., Berger S., Methods Cell Biol. January 1, 2024; 182 109-165.

Preparation of Xenopus borealis and Xenopus tropicalis Egg Extracts for Comparative Cell Biology and Evolutionary Studies., Kitaoka M., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2024; 2740 169-185.

Single-Molecule Approaches to Study DNA Condensation., Golfier S., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2024; 2740 1-19.

A maternal dorsoventral prepattern revealed by an asymmetric distribution of ventralizing molecules before fertilization in Xenopus laevis., Castro Colabianchi AM., Front Cell Dev Biol. January 1, 2024; 12 1365705.                

Germ plasm dynamics during oogenesis and early embryonic development in Xenopus and zebrafish., Divyanshi., Mol Reprod Dev. December 21, 2023;         

Cohesin and CTCF do not assemble TADs in Xenopus sperm and male pronuclei., Jessberger G., Genome Res. December 21, 2023; 33 (12): 2094-107.

Profiling ubiquitin signalling with UBIMAX reveals DNA damage- and SCFβ-Trcp1-dependent ubiquitylation of the actin-organizing protein Dbn1., Colding-Christensen CS., Nat Commun. December 14, 2023; 14 (1): 8293.        

Solubility phase transition of maternal RNAs during vertebrate oocyte-to-embryo transition., Hwang H., Dev Cell. December 4, 2023; 58 (23): 2776-2788.e5.                          

The sulfotransferase XB5850668.L is required to apportion embryonic ectodermal domains., Marchak A., Dev Dyn. December 1, 2023; 252 (12): 1407-1427.                  

Transitioning from a research protocol to a scalable applied pathway for Xenopus laevis sperm cryopreservation at a national stock center: The effect of cryoprotectants., Arregui L., J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol. November 20, 2023;

The structural mechanism of dimeric DONSON in replicative helicase activation., Cvetkovic MA., Mol Cell. November 16, 2023; 83 (22): 4017-4031.e9.                              

An odorant receptor tuned to an attractive plant volatile vanillin in Spodoptera litura., Wei ZQ., Pestic Biochem Physiol. November 1, 2023; 196 105619.

BRCA2-HSF2BP oligomeric ring disassembly by BRME1 promotes homologous recombination., Ghouil R., Sci Adv. October 27, 2023; 9 (43): eadi7352.              

DONSON facilitates Cdc45 and GINS chromatin association and is essential for DNA replication initiation., Kingsley G., Nucleic Acids Res. October 13, 2023; 51 (18): 9748-9763.                  

A cyclin-dependent kinase-mediated phosphorylation switch of disordered protein condensation., Valverde JM., Nat Commun. October 9, 2023; 14 (1): 6316.                                      

Elasticity control of entangled chromosomes: Crosstalk between condensin complexes and nucleosomes., Yamamoto T., Biophys J. October 3, 2023; 122 (19): 3869-3881.

Hybridization led to a rewired pluripotency network in the allotetraploid Xenopus laevis., Phelps WA., Elife. October 3, 2023; 12                             

Functional dissection and assembly of a small, newly evolved, W chromosome-specific genomic region of the African clawed frog Xenopus laevis., Cauret CMS., PLoS Genet. October 1, 2023; 19 (10): e1010990.                          

Pubertal sexual development and endpoints for disrupted spermatogenesis in the model Xenopus tropicalis., Svanholm S., Reprod Toxicol. September 1, 2023; 120 108435.            

Xenopus cell-free extracts and their applications in cell biology study., Liu J., Biophys Rep. August 31, 2023; 9 (4): 195-205.

Inferring scale-dependent non-equilibrium activity using carbon nanotubes., Bacanu A., Nat Nanotechnol. August 1, 2023; 18 (8): 905-911.

Rif1 restrains the rate of replication origin firing in Xenopus laevis., Haccard O., Commun Biol. July 29, 2023; 6 (1): 788.                                

In Vitro Reconstitution in Xenopus laevis Egg Extracts Reveals Molecular Mechanisms That Control B-Type Lamin Assembly., Pedersen RTA., Microsc Microanal. July 22, 2023; 29 (29 Suppl 1): 1098-1099.

Characterization of Microtubule Lattice Heterogeneity by Segmented Subtomogram Averaging., Bousquet C., Bio Protoc. July 20, 2023; 13 (14): e4723.                              

Acentrosomal spindles assemble from branching microtubule nucleation near chromosomes in Xenopus laevis egg extract., Gouveia B., Nat Commun. June 21, 2023; 14 (1): 3696.

TGFβ inhibition and mesenchymal to epithelial transition initiation by Xenopus egg extract: first steps towards early reprogramming in fish somatic cell., Chênais N., Sci Rep. June 20, 2023; 13 (1): 9967.

Repression of CENP-A assembly in metaphase requires HJURP phosphorylation and inhibition by M18BP1., Flores Servin JC., J Cell Biol. June 5, 2023; 222 (6):                     

Augmin is a Ran-regulated spindle assembly factor., Kraus J., J Biol Chem. June 1, 2023; 299 (6): 104736.            

Activation of P53 pathway contributes to Xenopus hybrid inviability., Shi Z., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. May 23, 2023; 120 (21): e2303698120.

APE1 recruits ATRIP to ssDNA in an RPA-dependent and -independent manner to promote the ATR DNA damage response., Lin Y., Elife. May 22, 2023; 12

Mitotic chromosomes scale to nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio and cell size in Xenopus., Zhou CY., Elife. April 25, 2023; 12                                                 

Nuclear growth and import can be uncoupled., Chen P., bioRxiv. April 21, 2023;

Dodecaploid Xenopus longipes provides insight into the emergence of size scaling relationships during development., Miller KE., Curr Biol. April 10, 2023; 33 (7): 1327-1336.e4.                

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