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RNS60, a charge-stabilized nanostructure saline alters Xenopus Laevis oocyte biophysical membrane properties by enhancing mitochondrial ATP production., Choi S., Physiol Rep. March 1, 2015; 3 (3):             

Plasma membrane cholesterol depletion disrupts prechordal plate and affects early forebrain patterning., Reis AH., Dev Biol. May 15, 2012; 365 (2): 350-62.                    

Cdc5 influences phosphorylation of Net1 and disassembly of the RENT complex., Shou W., BMC Mol Biol. April 17, 2002; 3 3.              

Transcription factors of the anterior neural plate alter cell movements of epidermal progenitors to specify a retinal fate., Kenyon KL., Dev Biol. December 1, 2001; 240 (1): 77-91.          

foxD5a, a Xenopus winged helix gene, maintains an immature neural ectoderm via transcriptional repression that is dependent on the C-terminal domain., Sullivan SA., Dev Biol. April 15, 2001; 232 (2): 439-57.            

Zic3 is involved in the left-right specification of the Xenopus embryo., Kitaguchi T., Development. November 1, 2000; 127 (22): 4787-95.              

Xoom is required for epibolic movement of animal ectodermal cells in Xenopus laevis gastrulation., Hasegawa K., Dev Growth Differ. August 1, 2000; 42 (4): 337-46.              

Primary neuronal differentiation in Xenopus embryos is linked to the beta(3) subunit of the sodium pump., Messenger NJ., Dev Biol. April 15, 2000; 220 (2): 168-82.                  

Domains of axin involved in protein-protein interactions, Wnt pathway inhibition, and intracellular localization., Fagotto F., J Cell Biol. May 17, 1999; 145 (4): 741-56.                  

A two-component cytoskeletal system of Xenopus laevis egg cortex: concept of its contractility., Ryabova LV., Int J Dev Biol. December 1, 1997; 41 (6): 843-51.            

The Na+,K+-ATPase alpha subunit requires gastrulation in the Xenopus embryo., Uochi T., Dev Growth Differ. October 1, 1997; 39 (5): 571-80.          

The organization and animal-vegetal asymmetry of cytokeratin filaments in stage VI Xenopus oocytes is dependent upon F-actin and microtubules., Gard DL., Dev Biol. April 1, 1997; 184 (1): 95-114.                  

Stimulation of Xenopus oocyte maturation by inhibition of the G-protein alpha S subunit, a component of the plasma membrane and yolk platelet membranes., Gallo CJ., J Cell Biol. July 1, 1995; 130 (2): 275-84.            

XIPOU 2, a noggin-inducible gene, has direct neuralizing activity., Witta SE., Development. March 1, 1995; 121 (3): 721-30.                

The Xenopus homologue of Otx2 is a maternal homeobox gene that demarcates and specifies anterior body regions., Pannese M., Development. March 1, 1995; 121 (3): 707-20.                      

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