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Papers associated with rhombomere R1

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GABAA currents are decreased by IL-1β in epileptogenic tissue of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy: implications for ictogenesis., Roseti C., Neurobiol Dis. October 1, 2015; 82 311-320.

Role of electrostatic interactions for ligand recognition and specificity of peptide transporters., Boggavarapu R., BMC Biol. August 6, 2015; 13 58.            

Method for quantitative analysis of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay at the single cell level., Pereverzev AP., Sci Rep. January 12, 2015; 5 7729.            

NMDA receptor structures reveal subunit arrangement and pore architecture., Lee CH, Lee CH., Nature. July 10, 2014; 511 (7508): 191-7.                          

Analysis of rare variations reveals roles of amino acid residues in the N-terminal extracellular domain of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) alpha6 subunit in the functional expression of human alpha6*-nAChRs., Dash B., Mol Brain. May 2, 2014; 7 35.                

Immunohistochemical analysis of Pax6 and Pax7 expression in the CNS of adult Xenopus laevis., Bandín S., J Chem Neuroanat. May 1, 2014; 57-58 24-41.

Domain-domain interactions determine the gating, permeation, pharmacology, and subunit modulation of the IKs ion channel., Zaydman MA., Elife. March 12, 2014; 3 e03606.                        

Drug-induced ion channel opening tuned by the voltage sensor charge profile., Ottosson NE., J Gen Physiol. February 1, 2014; 143 (2): 173-82.              

Dysphagia and disrupted cranial nerve development in a mouse model of DiGeorge (22q11) deletion syndrome., Karpinski BA., Dis Model Mech. February 1, 2014; 7 (2): 245-57.                

Ephrin-Eph signaling in embryonic tissue separation., Fagotto F., Cell Adh Migr. January 1, 2014; 8 (4): 308-26.            

Regional expression of Pax7 in the brain of Xenopus laevis during embryonic and larval development., Bandín S., Front Neuroanat. December 24, 2013; 7 48.                    

Site-directed spin labeling reveals pentameric ligand-gated ion channel gating motions., Dellisanti CD., PLoS Biol. November 1, 2013; 11 (11): e1001714.              

Role of the hypoxia response pathway in lens formation during embryonic development of Xenopus laevis., Baba K., FEBS Open Bio. October 23, 2013; 3 490-5.        

Functional interactions of voltage sensor charges with an S2 hydrophobic plug in hERG channels., Cheng YM., J Gen Physiol. September 1, 2013; 142 (3): 289-303.                

An intrinsic CRF signaling system within the optic tectum., Carr JA., Gen Comp Endocrinol. July 1, 2013; 188 204-11.  

Molecular mechanism of voltage sensing in voltage-gated proton channels., Gonzalez C., J Gen Physiol. March 1, 2013; 141 (3): 275-85.              

Pattern of calbindin-D28k and calretinin immunoreactivity in the brain of Xenopus laevis during embryonic and larval development., Morona R., J Comp Neurol. January 1, 2013; 521 (1): 79-108.                  

Solution structure of the QUA1 dimerization domain of pXqua, the Xenopus ortholog of Quaking., Ali M., PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (3): e57345.            

Gating pore currents and the resting state of Nav1.4 voltage sensor domains., Gosselin-Badaroudine P., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. November 20, 2012; 109 (47): 19250-5.

Structural changes of regulatory domain heterodimer of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor subunits GluN1 and GluN2B through the binding of spermine and ifenprodil., Tomitori H., J Pharmacol Exp Ther. October 1, 2012; 343 (1): 82-90.

Next generation sequencing and comparative analyses of Xenopus mitogenomes., Lloyd RE., BMC Genomics. September 19, 2012; 13 496.            

The neural crest is a powerful regulator of pre-otic brain development., Le Douarin NM., Dev Biol. June 1, 2012; 366 (1): 74-82.

Time space translation: a hox mechanism for vertebrate a-p patterning., Durston A., Curr Genomics. June 1, 2012; 13 (4): 300-7.          

14-3-3 proteins regulate retinal axon growth by modulating ADF/cofilin activity., Yoon BC., Dev Neurobiol. April 1, 2012; 72 (4): 600-14.                

Site-specific transgenesis in Xenopus., Zuber ME., Genesis. March 1, 2012; 50 (3): 325-32.      

Substrate- and pH-specific antifolate transport mediated by organic anion-transporting polypeptide 2B1 (OATP2B1-SLCO2B1)., Visentin M., Mol Pharmacol. February 1, 2012; 81 (2): 134-42.

Genomic targets of Brachyury (T) in differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells., Evans AL., PLoS One. January 1, 2012; 7 (3): e33346.              

R1 in the Shaker S4 occupies the gating charge transfer center in the resting state., Lin MC., J Gen Physiol. August 1, 2011; 138 (2): 155-63.                  

Subunit arrangement and phenylethanolamine binding in GluN1/GluN2B NMDA receptors., Karakas E., Nature. June 15, 2011; 475 (7355): 249-53.      

Xenopus HJURP and condensin II are required for CENP-A assembly., Bernad R., J Cell Biol. February 21, 2011; 192 (4): 569-82.              

The secreted integrin ligand nephronectin is necessary for forelimb formation in Xenopus tropicalis., Abu-Daya A., Dev Biol. January 15, 2011; 349 (2): 204-12.                                

Properties of the Arg376 residue of the proton-coupled folate transporter (PCFT-SLC46A1) and a glutamine mutant causing hereditary folate malabsorption., Mahadeo K., Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. November 1, 2010; 299 (5): C1153-61.

Purified E255L mutant SERCA1a and purified PfATP6 are sensitive to SERCA-type inhibitors but insensitive to artemisinins., Cardi D., J Biol Chem. August 20, 2010; 285 (34): 26406-16.                

State-dependent electrostatic interactions of S4 arginines with E1 in S2 during Kv7.1 activation., Wu D., J Gen Physiol. June 1, 2010; 135 (6): 595-606.                  

Arabidopsis thaliana POLYOL/MONOSACCHARIDE TRANSPORTERS 1 and 2: fructose and xylitol/H+ symporters in pollen and young xylem cells., Klepek YS., J Exp Bot. January 1, 2010; 61 (2): 537-50.                    

Double gaps along Shaker S4 demonstrate omega currents at three different closed states., Gamal El-Din TM., Channels (Austin). January 1, 2010; 4 (2): 93-100.

Strand selective generation of endo-siRNAs from the Na/phosphate transporter gene Slc34a1 in murine tissues., Carlile M., Nucleic Acids Res. April 1, 2009; 37 (7): 2274-82.          

Cloning and expression analysis of the anterior parahox genes, Gsh1 and Gsh2 from Xenopus tropicalis., Illes JC., Dev Dyn. January 1, 2009; 238 (1): 194-203.                                

Mix.1/2-dependent control of FGF availability during gastrulation is essential for pronephros development in Xenopus., Colas A., Dev Biol. August 15, 2008; 320 (2): 351-65.                  

Eya1 and Six1 promote neurogenesis in the cranial placodes in a SoxB1-dependent fashion., Schlosser G., Dev Biol. August 1, 2008; 320 (1): 199-214.                  

Expression study of cadherin7 and cadherin20 in the embryonic and adult rat central nervous system., Takahashi M., BMC Dev Biol. June 23, 2008; 8 87.                

Sox3 expression is maintained by FGF signaling and restricted to the neural plate by Vent proteins in the Xenopus embryo., Rogers CD., Dev Biol. January 1, 2008; 313 (1): 307-19.                  

Non-native R1 substitution in the s4 domain uniquely alters Kv4.3 channel gating., Skerritt MR., PLoS One. January 1, 2008; 3 (11): e3773.        

Expression of RhoB in the developing Xenopus laevis embryo., Vignal E., Gene Expr Patterns. January 1, 2007; 7 (3): 282-8.                          

Incorporation of 5-fluorouracil into U2 snRNA blocks pseudouridylation and pre-mRNA splicing in vivo., Zhao X., Nucleic Acids Res. January 1, 2007; 35 (2): 550-8.              

Neurotrophin receptor homolog (NRH1) proteins regulate mesoderm formation and apoptosis during early Xenopus development., Knapp D., Dev Biol. December 15, 2006; 300 (2): 554-69.                  

Shisa2 promotes the maturation of somitic precursors and transition to the segmental fate in Xenopus embryos., Nagano T., Development. December 1, 2006; 133 (23): 4643-54.                  

N-Arachidonyl-glycine inhibits the glycine transporter, GLYT2a., Wiles AL., J Neurochem. November 1, 2006; 99 (3): 781-6.

Shark rectal gland vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor: cloning, functional expression, and regulation of CFTR chloride channels., Bewley MS., Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. October 1, 2006; 291 (4): R1157-64.

Multiple mechanisms promote the retained expression of gene duplicates in the tetraploid frog Xenopus laevis., Chain FJ., PLoS Genet. April 1, 2006; 2 (4): e56.              

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