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Summary Anatomy Item Literature (7759) Expression Attributions Wiki

Anatomy Term: brain
XAO ID: 0000010
Definition: "Organ that is a component of the central nervous system and is responsible for the coordination and control of bodily activities and the interpretation of information from the senses. It appears when the neural tube segregates in forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain at NF stage 22. The general pattern of the brain has been mainly established at NF stage 28. Yolky material is consumed and the fibre tracts and later the commissures develop. In general all of its parts are well developed at NF stage 53 and later development consists mainly of growth and some further cytological differentiation. In the period of metamorphosis only topographical changes take place."
Stage Range: NF stage 22 to death
Marker Genes: sox3 gjc1 s1pr1 nrcam
Develops From:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
neural tube NF stage 17 to NF stage 28
Develops Into:
Parent(s): neural tube


Parent(s): cavitated compound organ (is_a) central nervous system (part_of) head (part_of)


References: Ontology Lookup Service , XB ANATOMY ONTOLOGY