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Anatomy Term: intersomitic artery
XAO ID: 0004165
Definition: "The small branching sprouts of the dorsal aorta that grow across the medial surface of the somite, turn right angles to grow over that surface and then fuse with other sprouts and form the vertebral arteries adjacent to the neural tube; the intersomitic arteries supply the body wall and persist in the adult as the posterior intercostal, subcostal and the lumbar arteries."
Stage Range: NF stage 37 and 38 to NF stage 47
Marker Genes:
Develops From:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
dorsal aorta NF stage 31 to death
Develops Into:
Parent(s): dorsal aorta


Parent(s): intersomitic vessel (is_a)


References: Ontology Lookup Service , XB ANATOMY ONTOLOGY