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Summary Anatomy Item Literature (200) Expression Attributions Wiki

Anatomy Term: mouth primordium
XAO ID: 0000269
Synonyms: stomodeal-hypophyseal primordium, mouth
Definition: "Anterior part of the embryonic alimentary canal that is formed as an invagination of the ectoderm and is the future mouth."
Stage Range: NF stage 28 to NF stage 60
Marker Genes: fgf8 pitx3 hesx1 pitx1 pitx2 cpn1 frzb ism1 vgll2
Develops From:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
stomodeal-hypophyseal primordium NF stage 18 to NF stage 40
Develops Into:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
Rathke's pouch NF stage 28 to NF stage 40
buccopharyngeal membrane NF stage 37 and 38 to NF stage 40
mouth NF stage 35 and 36 to death
tooth NF stage 60 to death
Parent(s): stomodeal-hypophyseal primordium


Parent(s): multi-tissue structure (is_a) alimentary system (part_of) ectoderm (part_of)


References: Ontology Lookup Service , XB ANATOMY ONTOLOGY