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Anatomy Term: ciliated epidermal cell
XAO ID: 0000031
Synonyms: ciliated cell, epidermal ciliary cell
Definition: "Cell type that has motile cilia and populates the skin of the embryo, arranged in the surface layer of the non-neural ectoderm in an ordered distribution."
Stage Range: NF stage 15 to death
Marker Genes: ttc29 tekt3 cetn4 rsph1 ropn1l odad4 dnal1 ccdc63 cimap1a cfap36 kit ribc2
Antibody: Dyrk1a Ab1 Eef1d Ab1 Pacrg Ab1 TRPN1 Ab1 Tuba4b Ab11 Tuba4b Ab12
Develops From:
Develops Into:

Parent(s): ciliated cell (is_a) epidermal cell (is_a)


References: Ontology Lookup Service , XB ANATOMY ONTOLOGY