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Summary Stage Literature (61) Attributions Wiki

Name: NF stage 62

XAO ID: 1000074

Definition: "Nieuwkoop and Faber stage 62, corresponding to a tadpole of age about 49 days at 22-24 Celsius and having the following external morphological criteria: Head still somewhat broader than cranial part of trunk. Tentacles short, straight. N. olfactorius shorter than diameter of bulbus olfactorius. Corner of mouth still in front of eye. Thymus gland somewhat protruding. 3rd arterial arch (\"larval aorta\") seen at distance of its own diameter in front of adult skin area of forelimb. Opening of operculum reduced to curved slit. Forelimb at level of middle of heart. Anterior border of adult skin area on abdomen entirely sharp, mostly nicked medially. Ventral fin disappeared from abdomen."

Preceded By: NF stage 61 Succeeded By: NF stage 63