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Tseng Lab

Research Interests

Eye Regeneration

Research Area

Humans lack the ability to regrow tissues after acute injury even though other animals can replace entire organs. The Tseng lab is interested in studying the injury response in regenerative animals. Understanding these processes have important implications for developing regenerative therapies for damaged tissues and aging. We pursue these studies using the powerful and well-characterized vertebrate model, the South African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis. Using interdisciplinary approaches (including molecular, chemical-genetic, physiological, and in vivo imaging tools), we seek to elucidate and integrate the biochemical and bioelectrical control of animal regeneration. In the long term, our goal is to build a blueprint for organ regeneration and to apply this knowledge towards developing novel therapeutics for regenerative medicine.

Current Members

Delos Santos, Nicole J. (Undergraduate Student)
Son, Philip (Undergraduate Student)


Tseng, Kelly Ai-Sun (Principal Investigator/Director) Contact
Kha, Cindy X (Graduate Student)


Institution: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas

Web Page:

General/Lab Phone: 702-895-2159